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Our asthmatic cat.

Yep, you heard me right. We have an asthmatic cat.

This is our baby Tora-chan. We adopted her up in the interior near Enderby BC.

The first time we met her we arrived at this quaint little farm where this lovely lady explained that she was helping out her father because he couldn't look after the farm at this time. Where so many cats were running everywhere we were almost was overwhelmed. Honestly, there were at least 20 of cat in this one little section of space and all were all orange tabbies! Funny thing all of these cats had the same characteristics just different ages. This lovely lady told us "pick one and it's your new baby". Lol easier said than done. Picking one wasn't difficult, catching one was a whole other story. Well, until Tora-chan came running towards us wanting to be picked up. Obviously she was the one we picked. Man she was tiny, only around 1 kg but cute and we took her home that same day

Here is where we realized that something was not quite right. Shortly after she started acting very strange; coughing and acted like she couldn't get air. This happened for a couple of days but nothing concerning at the time. Until day 3 when she started to get lot of nasal discharge. Again minor symptoms and just thought she had a small cold. 2 days later things started to get a lot worse and real quick. We took her to the vet and at this point she developed a nasal infection and needed to stay for 3 nights to be treated. I will cut the story a bit to save time. $900 later she could go home with a ton of antibiotics, however they still didn't know what was wrong with her.

Also a side note that just came to me; Did you know there is something called kitty AIDS... They tested for that and it came back clean and man; It blew my mind. I have no idea that was a thing.

Sorry continuing on.

2 months after the vet trip she was at home and she started to do the coughing/cant breath fit. After spending $900 just under two months ago Yoshino and I said to one another "there is no way we can afford a second trip!" We would have but wow, that would be insane. So we jumped online trying to figure out if there was anyone else was having the same problem with their cat. We came across a YouTube video of a tabby having an asthma attack and both me and Yoshino were like "That's Tora" So I google searching and found a vet site that said it was safe to use and human inhaler for emergencies for your cat. So we tried it! It was crazy, all for her symptoms left within 10 mins and was purring so loudly like nothing happened.

So the rest is history.

Because of this She is now a princess living indoors 95% of the time. Can't go outside when it is cold or rainy. Because she will die...

She is the most experienced cat we have ever owned roughly $1000 vet bills, $200 for a dehumidifier, and expensive non-allergic food.

Yep forgot to mention she has a food allergy and we don't even know to what food!

It stupid... all my cats growing up lived outside and lived on mice alone. What’s this world coming to that even pets have food allergies

However, after reading the post you may think that I hate my cat. That is not the case we have had her for 2 years now. She has gained weight and is quite healthy. All in all, she is amazing and the best cat we have ever owned and we love her to bits. Even though someday she acts like the devil reincarnated in feline form and gets upset when we are sleeping in her queen size bed(aka our bed)

Thanks for reading

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